Several interesting updates as of late:

Both Graham and Levi have interviews up on Another Heidegger Blog.

Reza has linked together several posts here paying particular attention to narrative-philosophical connections – especially those concerning video games and the possibility of  metaphysics videogame.

As has already been noted Collapse IV is available for download.

Late 2009/2010 promises to be a good one for Speculative Realism and its formless spawn as a slew of books are due to emerge…

2 thoughts on “Rumblings

  1. Ben,

    Can you tell us what SR-related books are coming coming out over the second half of this year and the first half of next?


  2. Ben can chip in if I’ve missed any, but there’s The Speculative Turn, which I’m editing with Graham and Levi. It’ll be out early 2010.

    There’s also a number of Laruelle translations (The Future Christ, Philosophy and Non-Philosophy along with some others) that are currently in the works.

    And there’s also a few other books that I know of are being worked on, but I’ll let the authors speak for themselves once their projects are a little further along. They are coming though!

    Graham and Levi, of course, have also been very open about the books they’re currently working on as well.

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