New Speculative Realism Resources [UPDATED]

Speculative realism appears to be exploding in the blogosphere, with a number of great new blogs and resources appearing within just the past week. First up is a group blog featuring Scu from Critical Animal, Craig from Theoria, and Greg from Animal Obscura. Their collaborative blog, The Inhumanities, is allied with speculative realism in its attack on anthropocentrism, and is currently undertaking a book event on Matthew Calarco’s Zoographies: The Question of the Animal from Heidegger to Derrida – a book that explicitly raises some of the ethical questions posed by speculative realism.

Elsewhere, Paul Ennis has started a new blog devoted to the object-oriented wing of speculative realism, Object Oriented Blogging. It offers a number of helpful pointers for people new to speculative realism, and promises to be a great space for thinking through the constellation of philosophies floating around OOP.

Finally, the wiki-like site, has created a page devoted to speculative realism. You’ll have to sign up to get full-access, but it offers a number of books and articles not available on our own Resources page. The actual Wikipedia page for speculative realism is still pretty woeful (and apparently up for deletion!), but hopefully the texts available here and elsewhere make up for that lack. [UPDATE: Michael Austin has graciously provided a thorough update of the Wikipedia page, and it looks great.]

[UPDATE #2:] Check out Adrian’s critical reviews of two of Harman’s books here (Tool-Being) and here (Prince of Networks).

Also a few other new blogs writing on speculative realism issues:

An Un-canny Ontology

Hyper Tiling


Pagan Metaphysics

Philosophy in a Time of Error

Psychoanalysis and Speculative Realism

Synthetic Zero

Transitive Axis


7 thoughts on “New Speculative Realism Resources [UPDATED]

  1. I have added substantially to the Wikipedia page for SR. It would be great if others could elaborate on areas that I am unable. For example, I think showing the growth of the factions within SR is important (I have attempted to do with with Grant’s Transcendental Materialism/Neo-Vitalism), as are adding citations. I don’t have all of the books in front of me and so was basically working off of the top of my head, so any additions in that respect would be very helpful.

    I also considered adding Nick’s proposed additional factions (the political and the psychoanalytic), but I’m not sure if that would be wise this early on. Maybe as more is published in those areas they can be added.

    • Wow, thanks Michael, it looks great now! I agree about your reluctance to add more factions, at least at this point in time. They’re more incipient movements right now, rather than entities with fully-formed voices.

  2. Nice job on the updated wiki entry. Now when I am chatting online with people about discussions with SR people, and they go “speculative realism, what the hell?” I can say, “There is an excellent wiki entry.”

    Also, thanks for the shout out on the new group blog. Maybe our group blogs can get together in the future and organize some sort of dialogue between the SR folks and the CAS folks.

  3. Hey Scu, I’m only speaking for myself here, but I think some collaborative event between both of our blogs is a great idea. Just need to find an appropriate book (or perhaps appropriate question) that both groups could be on board with.

    • I think the question might be the relation of thought to life (animal and human or neither/both etc) or what thinks thought what does thought think in relation to species being…I dont know.

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