Speculative Heresy/The Inhumanities Cross-Blog Event

Along with the excellent people over at The Inhumanities, we’re pleased to announce a cross-blog event between our respective blogs. The event will be a series of responses to this question:

“While speculative realism has critiqued anthropocentrism in ontology, and critical animal studies has critiqued anthropocentrism in ethics, there has yet to be many productive connections made between the two. With each offering the other important insights, the question to be asked is, what is the relation between ethics and ontology? Does a realist ontology require the suspension of any ethical imperatives? Can ethics and norms be grounded in something real? Are nonhuman actors capable of ethical relations?”

Any interested blog readers are encouraged to participate and send their responses in, either to speculativeheresy[at]gmail.com, or inhumanitiesblog[at]gmail.com, or to myself, Ben, Scu, Craig or Greg. Answers should aim to be 1500-2000 words long, and the deadline for submissions is Friday, November 13th. We’ll begin posting the responses up the Monday after.


6 thoughts on “Speculative Heresy/The Inhumanities Cross-Blog Event

  1. Fantastic idea. I believe these questions are absolutely crucial, and that the answers will shape the future of SR to come (and also, that diverging answers could be the point of divergence for different orientations within the SR community). Looking forward to that.

  2. Sounds fantastic. Count me in. I’ve so far stayed away from talking about the relationship between ontology and ethics, but it is good to get out of one’s comfort zone once in a while. Now I just have to finish this damned section of my thesis…

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