Speculative Realism Reading Group

Nottingham Trent University – Philosophy Seminar Series

The Philosophy Teaching and Research Group, based in the School of Arts and Humanities, will be running a series of reading based seminars this year on the theme of Speculative Realism.  Associated with the work of Quentin Meillassoux, Graham Harman, Ray Brassier and Iain Hamilton Grant, Speculative Realism is quickly becoming a new thought-style in contemporary philosophy as well as being increasingly influential in a range of other disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences.

The first session, will discuss a classic paper that is often cited as one of the forerunners of this new philosophical dispensation; Wilfred Sellars’ 1963 paper ‘Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man’.  In subsequent weeks we will go on to discuss Ray Brassier’s book Nihil Unbound and Quentin Meillassoux’s recent and highly acclaimed work After Finitude –  a book where, according to Simon Critchley, ‘the rigour, clarity and passion of the argument can be breathtaking’.

These seminars should appeal to all those who want to keep abreast of conceptual innovations in contemporary philosophy.

The first seminar will take place on Wednesday Oct 28th, 1-2 pm, in ICAn 215.  All are welcome.

For further information please contact Patrick O’Connor at patrick.oconnor@ntu.ac.uk.

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