A Symposium on Non-Philosophy

Apologies for the delay in posting this, but here is a collection of all the papers presented at the Warwick University’s ‘Symposium on Non-Philosophy’. The event was a great success with a good turnout and some fascinating papers from Francois Laruelle himself and my fellow panelists. Many thanks to Tanya Osbourne and the others who set it up, and to Marjorie Gracieuse for some awesome improvised real-time translating. Thanks as well to Professor Laruelle for his generosity and patience in responding to our questions. His responses were extensive and detailed, and showed the real potential for a democracy of thought. Last but not least, thanks to all those who donated to our earlier call – the response was tremendous and allowed for all of us to make it to the event. In an age where institutional support is increasingly meagre, it was exciting to see fellow academics collectively mobilize to help each other out. So a sincere thanks to all for the help.

You can find below the essays presented, as well as a link to a diagram I made to try and organize Laruelle’s proliferation of axiomatic terms. You can also find audio from the event Laruelle presented at a few days later, at the University of Nottingham, here.

Reid Kane Kotlas (University of Dundee), ‘What are we to make of Philosophy?

Anthony Paul Smith (University of Nottingham), ‘History of Non-Philosophy

Nick Srnicek (LSE), ‘Francois Laruelle and the Non-Philosophical Tradition‘ [Diagram]

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