Middlesex Protests

Two protests against the closing of Middlesex’s Philosophy department are scheduled for the upcoming week:

Tuesday, May 4 – 9:30-18:00 – Trent Park Campus [MAP] [FACEBOOK LINK]

“On Tuesday we will meet the Dean Edward Esche and Vice Deputy Chancellor Margaret House who are responsible for this shameful decision. This is going to be an official protest on behalf of everyone, and is a vital opportunity to raise our concerns and voice our opinion to their decision. We will all meet up in Trent Park at 9.30 and we will let them know what we think of their decision.

We want everyone who can to dress up in red clothes, and if you can bring some food and drinks for yourself, although we will also provide refreshments, but we might stay for a long time. Please let everyone you know, hear about this event as it is the first official protest and we want it to be strong. We are in contact with the BBC and they might turn up. Once again, it is crucial that you tell, and bring as many people as you can to this event, 9.30 in Trent Park.”

Wednesday, May 5 – 10:00-20:00 – Hendon Campus [MAP] [FACEBOOK LINK]

“This is where we can really make some noise. This is the day when the coursework is due and we got a good chance to involve a great number of people. We will meet up at 9.30 in Hendon Central tube station, and we will move on to Hendon Campus at 9.45 (which is 10 minutes away). This is a follow up from Tuesday’s protest in Trent Park and it is important that we keep on advertising this event to people.

The BBC might turn up this day as well, so need to represent our cause vigorously. We advise everyone to bring food and drinks, although we will also be providing refreshments. We hope as many of you are able to protest with us, and also that you will all bring as many friends as you can, which will help our cause greatly. We urge you all to dress up in red so we look as united as we can.”

And if you haven’t already, please sign the petition!


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