Transversal Space

After yesterday’s meeting with administration – where administration was forced to continually retreat to new reasons for the closure – the Middlesex occupation continues. This weekend (actually, starting 4 hours ago), the occupation is holding events for the public. In their words,

Today we announce the opening of an experimental and communal space for educational presentations and conversations at the interface between philosophy, theory, activism and art. Transversal Space is an alternative educational experience in which the boundaries between disciplines and the relations between students and teachers are blurred. Relationships and ideas are explored in an open and collective way continuing the ethos of our philosophy department and its series of events.

A program of events for the weekend (7-9/5) is now being set up. Please come and join us on the beautiful Trent Park campus. A free shuttle bus will take you here from Oakwood station on the Picadilly line (penultimate stop in Northern direction). Let us know if you have suggestions for the program & join us at any point during the weekend.

For more information see the Facebook event page, or check out the SaveMDXPhil website for constantly updated lists of events.

Another upcoming event as well – Ray Brassier will be speaking in Glasgow, Scotland on May 14th. See this website for more details.

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