Middlesex Links and Transcendental Realism Update

A quick update on the Transcendental Realism workshop being held tomorrow at 12. The initial sessions will be in LIB 2, while Ray Brassier’s presentation will be held in S0.11. A map of Warwick University can be found here.

There’s also plenty of great links around publicizing Middlesex University’s decision to slash the quality of its education. ANTHEM has a list of media links, including pieces from the BBC, The Guardian, and The Telegraph.

John Protevi has been doing some amazing work on the financial situation of Middlesex, demonstrating the self-serving interests of administration. For instance:

Consider, if you would, the following trends for the 2008-2009 time period: Academic staff declines from 748 to 733, while administration and senior staff rises from 888 to 890. In addition, the number of senior staff receiving total compensation (“emoluments”) above £100,000 rises from 7 to 13; the total administrative staff compensation rises from £1.06 million to £1.75 million pounds; and the total compensation for the Vice Chancellor, Michael Driscoll, rises from £223,000 to £246,000.

And SaveMDXPhil has a new FAQ up answering questions about the level of recruitment and revealing the administration’s blatant lies. My favourite part:

From 2003-09, a significant portion of Middlesex Philosophy’s research income was used to support research in Business and Management, which performed very poorly in RAE2001.

[Update:] Protevi has a fact sheet for journalists, and anyone dealing with the media. These points need to be repeated over and over again, against the administration’s false claims: http://proteviblog.typepad.com/protevi/2010/05/middlesex-philosophy-fact-sheet.html


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