Speculative Medievalisms

The BABEL Working Group, Urbanomic, Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies (King’s College London), and the Petropunk Collective (Eileen Joy, Anna Klosowska, Nicola Masciandaro, and Michael O’Rourke) are hosting a conference next January in London on ‘Speculative Medievalisms’.

From the conference website:

What the Speculative Medievalisms project desires, then, is fruitful dialogue and creative, mutual cross-contamination between medieval ideas of speculatio, the cultural-historical position of the medieval as site of humanistic speculation, and the speculative realists’ “opening up” of “weird worlds” heretofore believed impenetrable by philosophy—as Graham Harman has written, “the specific psychic reality of earthworms, dust, armies, chalk, and stone.” The BABEL Working Group is especially keen to serve as a launch site of this dialogue because of its broad investment in co-affective (even co-poetic) forms of scholarship, that is, shared intellectual work that takes seriously the medley of personal and political desires that inform research and structure its academic and para-academic communities.

Speakers presently include: Reza Negarestani, Eugene Thacker, Kathleen Biddick, Scott Wilson, Julian Yates, and myself.

In other news, The Nietzsche Network recently held a conference entitled ‘Re-thinking War in the 21st Century’ which featured two highly interesting thinkers, Julian Reid and Manabrata Guha. The audio files for this conference have just been posted up on my other blog for anyone who’s interested.


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