Metaphysics and Things

What looks to be a stellar conference (h/t ANTHEM):

Check out the conference website for the Fourth International Conference of the Whitehead Research Project, entitled “Metaphysics and Things: New Forms of Speculative Thought,” at Claremont Graduate University on 2-4 December 2010.

“This conference will provide the opportunity to identify and work through shared elements and problems, which have been developed by those working in the philosophies of A. N. Whitehead and Gilles Deleuze, Actor-Network-Theory, and Speculative Realism. The extensive work of Isabelle Stengers in its relation to Whitehead and Deleuze could be seen as indicative of the milieu which contemporary thought inhabits and the problems it is addressing. The importance of this major re-conceptualization of the demand for a renewed interrogation of the inter-relation of metaphysics and things is also evident in the work of Bruno Latour who has often discussed the importance of the work of both Whitehead and Stengers for his re-description of objects in terms of associations and networks. Speculative Realism has, recently, developed approaches to such questions which have a tensile but productive relationship with the concepts and approaches raised by Whitehead, Stengers, and Latour. This conference will include participants who are influential in all of these fields and its overall aim is to provide an open forum to further these important debates and to produce new modes of thought.”

Confirmed conference participants include:

  • Isabelle Stengers (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • Donna Haraway (University of California at Santa Cruz)
  • Ian Bogost (The Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • James J. Bono (University at Buffalo)
  • James Bradley (University of Newfoundland)
  • Nathan Brown (UC Davis)
  • Levi Bryant (Collin College)
  • Didier Debaise (Max Planck Institute, Berlin)
  • Roland Faber (Claremont Graduate University)
  • Andrew Goffey (Middlesex University)
  • Michael Halewood (University of Essex)
  • Graham Harman (American University in Cairo)
  • Judith Jones (Fordham University)
  • Steven Shaviro (Wayne State University)

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