Realist Social Science, and Other News

Just a quick note to point readers towards a blog post I’ve written on the group politics blog I’m a part of, The Disorder of Things. It’s part of an ongoing series of responses to a recent philosophy of science book in the field of International Relations, and may be of interest to some people. While I think it’s a bit underdeveloped in crucial aspects, you can find it here.

On a far more important note: considering the historic and inspiring events going on in the Arab world right now, it’s no surprise that a number of philosophers have commented on it. For those that haven’t seen them already, here’s a brief round-up:

Alain Badiou, On Tunisia, Riots, and Revolution

Peter Hallward, In Egypt and Tunisia, the Will of the People is not a Hollow Cliche

Slavoj Zizek, Why Fear the Arab Revolutionary Spirit?

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