Zimmermann, ‘Basic Concepts of Transcendental Materialism’ [Updated]

Yet another great recording from Backdoor Broadcasting Company – this time from Rainer E. Zimmermann on transcendental materialism.

Blurb from Kingston University:

Rainer Zimmermann is a philosopher, mathematician and physicist who currently holds the chair of professor of philosophy at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and whose general line of research, developed in copious publications including around twenty books, focuses on the articulation of a transcendental materialist system of philosophy on the line of thought Spinoza-Schelling-Bloch, developed through a productive encounter with Sartre and recent French philosophies of difference and a thorough philosophical engagement with contemporary scientific research programs such as quantum and relativistic cosmology, twistor theory, category theory and knot theory. This ambitious research program has found its culmination in ‘System des Transzendentalen Materialism‘, published in 2004.

I attended the event and, I think like many, found it to be a bit disappointing. The talk was perhaps oriented towards the wrong audience, as it presented one side of Zimmermann’s work and focused largely on a neo-Kantian reading of the categories of thought. The other side was brought out by Vijak Haddadi in the questions, which was the materialist grounding of this transcendental system. Unfortunately, Zimmermann never really substantiated these claims and so it was unclear exactly what was unique in his philosophical position. No doubt he fleshes these ideas out more in his major works, but it will remain for a translator to make them widely available to the English-speaking world.

[UPDATE:] S.C. Hickman points towards some papers of Zimmermann’s available here: http://www.self-organization.org/partners/kassel/zimmermann.html

Ryan Krahn points out another article of Zimmermann’s available on ArXiv: ‘Beyond the Physics of Logic’


2 thoughts on “Zimmermann, ‘Basic Concepts of Transcendental Materialism’ [Updated]

  1. Nick, I found a site with some of Zimmermann’s papers translated into english:


    Seems his team from Kassel is part of a Human Strategies Project:

    The Kassel group consists of six members, the team leader, four PhD students, and a master student. The group deals for a longer time already with onto-epistemic aspects of a holistic theory, mainly comprising of topics on a possible unification of the sciences, dealing with interactions among ontology, epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics as visualized in terms of traditional philosophy as well as modern approaches, – recently also within the philosophical framework of the local IAG (interdisciplinary study group on philosophical problems of foundation) at the University of Kassel.


    Enjoy the ride!

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