The Return of Metaphysics

Here is the poster and schedule for the upcoming Return of Metaphysics conference at Villanova. Should be an interesting event.

5 thoughts on “The Return of Metaphysics

  1. Hi. Do you know if there are sound files or published papers for this conference? I’m particularly interested in ‘The Metaphysics of Nature’ papers. Thanks.

    • Once a metaphysical problem is expressed as a logical problem one gets a “linguistic turn”. However it’s unlikely that knots get untied in this process as Wittgenstein once hoped. Metaphysics would then become a circular structure of linked concepts but a non-trivial one, one which cannot be stratified like a proof. Hmm, maybe that’s what general systems theory already is?

  2. Welcome,
    I have just read an essay of Meillasoux (Time without becoming) and I think it is splendid. I would like to translate this texte into Polish. I am Phd student (I hope to became Dr untill september) at the Pontifical University of Jean Paul II in Kraków (Poland). Could you contact me with the author (concernign copywrights)?
    Best regards
    Marcin Polak

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