Enter the Fray: Theory and Criticism in the Network-Centric World

For anyone who might be near London (Canada) this week, there is a really excellent looking conference being held at the University of Western Ontario from Thursday to Saturday. The overall focus is on the network-centric world, and includes a number of pieces drawing on Antoine Bousquet, Manabrata Guha, Reza Negarestani and Alberto Toscano, among others.

The full conference schedule is available here: Enter The Fray


5 thoughts on “Enter the Fray: Theory and Criticism in the Network-Centric World

  1. Sort of sucks. On the one hand I’m in favor of free books and on the other Rocky and myself only get paid “on commission” so to speak. Perhaps everyone who downloads Future Christ or Philosophies of Difference can send Rocky or myself a fifty pence?

      • Not sure it will matter and, as I said, I’m torn on it. Just please don’t list it in the resources section. It’s a difficult matter though. Rocky, I think, probably doesn’t care as he lives off his salary as a professor. For me the translation work is a form of work that provides money, not much but some, that I rely on to help, you know, eat and such. But I appreciate your offer.

        It’s a funny thing, accelerationism. Means lots of us will be very poor before utopia, I’m guessing. After all, I can’t afford to buy all the books I’d like to read!

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