Speculative September NYC

A series of SR and SR related events will be taking place mid September in NYC. Graham has posted about these here.

Here’s what I know of so far:

9/8/2011 – Graham Harman @ TPSNY – “New Paths from Husserl to Heidegger”

9/9/2011 – Graham Harman @ NYU – “What Causes Space”

9/14/2011 – Levi Bryant, Graham Harman, Timothy Morton, Steven Shaviro @ The New School – Titles Here

I believe Eileen Joy is also speaking on this date @ TPSNY on SR and Literature.

9/15/2011 – Jane Bennett, Levi Bryant, and Graham Harman.”@ CUNY Grad Center – “Speculative Realism: A Conversation with Jane Bennett, Levi Bryant, and Graham Harman.”

9/16/2011 – Various Speakers  @ CUNY Grad Center“Speculative Medievalisms 2”

9/17/2011 – Ben Woodard @ TPSNY – “Complicitous Continuums – The Horrors of the Cosmicist Earth”

I’ll be presenting on Cyclonopedia, Lovecraft, and some other geophilosophical weirdness.

Please comment if there are other events going on or if you have further details, links, etc.

5 thoughts on “Speculative September NYC

  1. There is also an opening on September 14th for:

    And Another Thing
    Co-curated by Katherine Behar and Emmy Mikelson
    James Gallery, CUNY Graduate Center
    Sept 14 – Oct 29, 2011
    And Another Thing is a co-curated exhibition that provides a platform for interdisciplinary exchange between art, architecture, philosophy, political science and neuroscience. The exhibit chronicles how artists use “thingness” to eschew the human subject’s privilege. The works range from nano-art to installation, and span from Minimalism and Body Art from the 1970s, to contemporary positions utilizing biofeedback technologies. Some artists explore relationships between objects, cutting the human subject out of the loop. Others dismember the anthropocentric position to create a distributed subject, rendered as an object amongst objects, and ultimately providing a critique of the subject/object hierarchy.

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  3. What are the locations/rooms and starting times of both the OOO Symposium at the New School and the Speculative Realism conversation at the CUNY Graduate Center? Looking forward…

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