Speculative Heresy, Part Deux

So we’ve made some changes at Speculative Heresy in the past few weeks. Posting here at Speculative Heresy has slowed down and we needed to revive it somehow. (For anyone that’s interested though, most of my posting has moved to Twitter.)

The most obvious change is the new visual design of the site. It’s hopefully a bit cleaner than the last one, and a bit more functional for readers.

The most important change though is the expanded roster of authors now on Speculative Heresy. This includes some of the most interesting philosophy bloggers out there, and will hopefully contribute to more action here. So welcome to Paul Ennis, Fabio Gironi, Michael O’Rourke, Anthony Paul Smith, and Alex Williams!

One other feature we’ve added is revamping the Rhizomes page. Instead of a collection of individual blog posts as before, it’s now replaced by links to every blog we know of doing vaguely speculative realist-related work. We’d encourage readers to add their own sites and suggestions in the comments on that page, and we’ll update the list accordingly.


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