NWW.III: Nietzsche, Ecology and Technology

Following on the successes of the last two events, the third annual Nietszche workshop at Western was held recently. The schedule for the event can be found below, and the audio for it can be found here.

Opening Remarks

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy

Dan Mellamphy

Horst Hutter, ‘The Nietzschean Cure:  A Gymnastics of Willing’

Malcolm McPherson

Marc Mazur

Arthur Kroker, ‘Nietzsche in Drag:  Thinking Technology through the Theatre of Judith Butler’

Kristen Shaw

Dock Currie

Ed Keller, ‘A Semi-Animate Crystalline Existence — or:  Entropy, Used and Abused’

Atle Mikkola Kjøsen

Vincent Manzerolle

Scott Bakker, ‘Outing the ‘ It’ that Thinks:  On the Collapse of an Intellectual Ecosystem’

Ben Woodard

James Depew


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