Real Objects or Material Subjects

A new issue of Cosmos and History is out now, featuring a number of articles developed from the Real Objects or Material Subjects conference last year. (I still consider that to be one of the best philosophy conferences I’ve been to.) Highly recommended!

Editors Introduction
Michael O’Neill Burns, Brian Smith

The Problem With Metzinger
Graham Harman

The Transcendental Core of Correlationism
Paul J. Ennis

Critical Idealism and Transcendental Materialism: A Speculative Analysis of the Second Paralogism
Michael James Olson

Objects in manifold times: Deleuze and the speculative philosophy of objects as processes
James Williams

Becoming L’homme Imaginaire: The Role of The Imagination in Overcoming Cir-cularity in Sartre’s Critique Of Dialectical Reason
Austin Smidt

Beyond Objects, Beyond Subjects: Giorgio Agamben on Animality, Particularity and the End of Onto-theology
Colby Dickinson

Fanon and Political Will
Peter Hallward

The Necessity of Contingency or Contingent Necessity: Meillassoux, Hegel, and the Subject
John Van Houdt

Aufhebung and Negativity: A Hegelianism without Transcendence
Ryan Krahn

Lacanian Materialism and the Question of the Real
Tom Eyers

Materialism, Subjectivity and the Outcome of French Philosophy: Interview with Adrian Johnston
Michael O’Neill Burns, Brian Smith


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