Laruelle in London

A couple quick notes about some Laruelle-related events. In the first place, Laruelle has recently published a new book Anti-Badiou: Sur l’introduction du Maoisme dans la philosophie that will likely be of interest to many.

Second, the London Graduate School is holding a series of seminars with Laruelle, with the first being held on 6 and 7 December (location TBC). Follow the Facebook page for more updates.

Starting this winter, Professor François Laruelle will give two annual seminars and workshops on Non-Standard Philosophy at the London Graduate School. The first of these events will be on December 6th and 7th 2011, and the second will take place in May 2012.

Professor Laruelle has taught at both the University of Paris X, and the Collège international de philosophie, and is the author of over twenty books, including Les philosophies de la différence (1986), Principes de la non-philosophie (1996), Le Christ futur (2002), and, most recently, Le Concept de non-photographie and Anti-Badiou (both 2011) – all of which have either just appeared or will soon appear in English translation.

Over this forty year period, Laruelle has constructed one of the most demanding, methodical, and provocative intellectual practices in contemporary theory – an absolutely immanent materialism of thought. The purpose of these series of talks at the LGS will be both to cover the conceptual background to Non-Standard Philosophy and to explore its consequences for theory throughout the arts, sciences, and humanities. There will be one evening seminar open to members of the public, followed by one daytime workshop which will be open to all postgraduates working in areas related to this field.

Further information, including all dates, times, and locations for each workshop and seminar, will soon be available through

Professor John Mullarkey:


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