Parrhesia, Vol. 12

A new issue of Parrhesia is out now – including a new translation of Meillassoux on Badiou.  Check out the full issue here.


History and Event in Alain Badiou – Quentin Meillassoux, translated by Thomas Nail

Dark Life – Eugene Thacker


Thickness on the Margins of Discourse – Jean-François Lyotard, translated by Antony Hudek

Go Figure – Geoffrey Bennington

A Return to Jean-François Lyotard – Guy Callan and James Williams

Seeing through Discourse, Figure – Antony Hudek


Dissipative Individuation – Esra Atamer

What is the Aesthetic Regime? – Joseph J. Tanke

The Truth of Politics in Alain Badiou: ‘There is Only One World’ – Adriel Trott


Benjamin Noys,The Persistence of the Negative: A Critique of Contemporary Continental Theory – Baylee Brits

Form, Person and Inexhaustible Interpretation: Luigi Pareyson, Existence, Interpretation, Freedom: Selected Writings – Peter Carravetta


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