Thinking the Absolute

Thinking the Absolute: Speculation, Philosophy and the End of Religion

June 29th – July 1st 2012

Liverpool Hope University, UK

An international conference of the Association for Continental Philosophy of Religion

Registration is open, but the old link has expired with a change in the university’s website. Just go to and click on ‘Events’ for the registration form and conference poster.

Keynotes include: Ray Brassier, Levi Bryant, Iain Hamilton Grant. Unfortunately, Catherine Malabou has had to withdraw, but her place as a keynote will be taken by François Laruelle. Laruelle’s work is becoming more widely known in the English speaking world after a number of recent translations of important works of his, including Philosophies of Difference, trans. Rocco Gangle (Continuum, 2010) and Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy , trans. Anthony Paul Smith (Continuum, 2010). His practice of non-philosophy offers a rigorous, original and subversive path of thought. We are delighted and hugely honoured to be able to welcome him to Hope.

For further information contact Steven Shakespeare ( or Patrice Haynes (


4 thoughts on “Thinking the Absolute

    • Actually, there is going to be an entire panel on mysticism: called “Absolute Mysticism.”

      Looking forward!

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