Responses to Levi Bryant’s Two Ontologies

The audio of both responses from Paul Ennis and Michael O’Rourke to Levi Bryant’s talk “Two Ontologies: Posthumanism and Lacan’s Graphs of Sexuation” at Independent Colleges Dublin on 3 July 2012 is now available on You Tube.

The image above is a drawing by Tammy Lu and it is the cover image of Levi Bryant’s The Democracy of Objects. Please visit


One thought on “Responses to Levi Bryant’s Two Ontologies

  1. My response to Levi’s talk is here:
    (although this too is relevant:
    and this:
    My response to Paul Ennis begins here:
    NB: Paul took umbrage at the style of my response, so in the 4th installment I toned it down and gave a rational reconstruction of part of my argument, but aside from this initial reaction to the style he never responded to the substantial content.

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