Responses to Levi Bryant’s Two Ontologies

The audio of both responses from Paul Ennis and Michael O’Rourke to Levi Bryant’s talk “Two Ontologies: Posthumanism and Lacan’s Graphs of Sexuation” at Independent Colleges Dublin on 3 July 2012 is now available on You Tube.

The image above is a drawing by Tammy Lu and it is the cover image of Levi Bryant’s The Democracy of Objects. Please visit

1 thought on “Responses to Levi Bryant’s Two Ontologies

  1. My response to Levi’s talk is here:
    (although this too is relevant:
    and this:
    My response to Paul Ennis begins here:
    NB: Paul took umbrage at the style of my response, so in the 4th installment I toned it down and gave a rational reconstruction of part of my argument, but aside from this initial reaction to the style he never responded to the substantial content.

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