Anthony Paul Smith talk in Dublin (9 January 2013)

Anthony Paul Smith (LaSalle University and Speculative Heresy blogger) will give the inaugural lecture for the D.U.S.T (Dublin Unit for Speculative Thought) art/theory collective at Flat Pack_Gallery and Studios in Dublin on 9 January 2013.


Anthony Paul Smith (LaSalle University, )

2pm-4pm, Flat_Pack Gallery and Studios, 32 North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, Ireland (

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Faux amis?: François Laruelle and the Speculative Turn


Interest in François Laruelle’s project of non-philosophy continues to grow, in part because the seeming closeness of his project to that of speculative realism. In this talk Anthony Paul Smith aims to introduce the basic contours of Laruelle’s works in relation to those of speculative realism. While Laruelle has championed a form of thought that is in many ways more virulently non-correlationist than even Meillassoux, he attends to political and ethical questions in a way that appears to weave seamlessly this non-correlationism with a revised, non-standard humanism very different than the anti-humanism present amongst the speculative realists. Exploring this may show how Laruelle’s version of philosophy of science is amenable not with a cold world, but with a vision that simply isn’t worldly.

For more information about D.U.S.T please visit

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