Speculations III – Provisional Table of Contents

We are giving the final touches to the third volume of Speculations, which will be published soon. In the meantime, we can try to whet your appetite with this provisional (ordering and sections might change) table of contents.


Editors Introduction


Benjamin Norris “Re-asking the Question of the Gendered Subject after Non-philosophy”

Beatrice Marovich “Thing Called Love: That Old, Substantive, Relation”

Levi R. Bryant “The Other Face of God: Lacan, Theological Structure, and the Accursed Remainder”

Daniel Whistler “Improper Names for God: Religious Language and the ‘Spinoza-Effect'”

Daniel Colucciello Barber “Namelessness and the Speculative Turn: A Response to Whistler”

Christopher Norris “Diagonals: Truth-Procedures in Derrida and Badiou”

Michael Haworth “Synchronicity and Correlationism: Carl Jung as Speculative Realist”


Graham Harman “Über stellvertretende Verursachung”

Louis Morelle “Speculative Realism: After finitude, and beyond?: A vade mecum”

Position Papers and Interview

Christian Thorne “Outward Bound: On Quentin Meillassoux’s After Finitude”

Peter Wolfendale “The Noumenon’s New Clothes (Part 1)”

Fabio Gironi “Of Realist Turns: A conversation with Stathis Psillos”


Daniel Sacilotto “In Defense of Unfashionable Causes”

Fabio Gironi “Assessing the French Atheistic Turn”

Dave Mesing “Fight and Flight: Merrifield’s Magical Convulsions”

Maxwell Kennell “Graham Harman, Circus Philosophicus”

Yuting Zou “Joseph Nechvatal’s nOise anusmOs installation”