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P.E.S.T: Black Metal Theory Symposium

The next in a series of Black Metal Theory symposia–following Hideous Gnosis in Brooklyn (December 2009) and Melancology (January 2011) in London–will take place in Dublin on 20 November. The theme for this gathering, organized by Michael O’Rourke, Nicola Masciandaro and Karin Sellberg in collaboration with Into the Void Records (http://intothevoidrecords.com/), is P.E.S.T (Philial Epidemic Strategy Tryst) and it features talks by Speculative Heresy contributors Paul Ennis, Michael O’Rourke and Ben Woodard. As well as the para-academic talks there will be an exhibition of artworks by Vincent Como (http://vincentcomo.com/home.html) and Kamillea Aghtan. We are also pleased to say that Hugh McCabe (http://tracesofthereal.com/) will be photographing the proceedings.

Full details including the rationale, abstracts and schedule are below.

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Speculative Medievalisms 2: An Object-Imaginarium

The audio files for the recent Speculative Medievalisms workshop which was held in New York in September have been made available courtesy of Eileen Joy who also generously provides summaries of the talks.

Here is Kellie Robertson on Aristotle and Graham Harman with a response from Drew Daniel: http://www.inthemedievalmiddle.com/2011/09/riding-lynx-eyed-aristotle-with-kellie.html

And Julian Yates with a response from Liza Blake: http://www.inthemedievalmiddle.com/2011/10/disaster-is-up-to-us-julian-yates-and.html

And, finally, Graham Harman’s talk with a response from Patricia Clough and concluding remarks by Nicola Masciandaro: http://www.inthemedievalmiddle.com/2011/10/twisted-aristotle-and-great-indoors-re.html

The combined texts from the two Speculative Medievalisms events in London (January 2011) and New York will be published by the new open access press Punctum Books next Spring and the book features texts by speculative heretics Ben Woodard, Nick Srnicek and Anthony Paul Smith: http://punctumbooks.com/titles/speculative-medievalisms-a-laboratory-atelier/