Blog Events

A collection of the various blog events held on this site and in conjunction with others.

Science and Metaphysics

Ben Woodard, ‘Lovecraftian Science / Lovecraftian Nature

Pete Wolfendale, ‘Science, Metaphysics, and the A Priori / A Posteriori Distinction

Matthew Ray, ‘The Terrifyingly Ancient: Is Schopenhauer a Correlationist?

Skholiast, ‘Ways of Talking / Ways of Being

Fabio Gironi, ‘Science cum Metaphysics

D.B., ‘Science and Metaphysics

James Trafford, ‘Why Realists Should (Probably) be Rationalists Too

Reid Kotlas, ‘Marx’s Materialism and the Possibility of Science

Nick Srnicek, ‘A Materialism of Science

Realism and Ethics

Pete Wolfendale, ‘The Rational Animal

Fabio Gironi, ‘Realism and Ethics

Ian Bogost, ‘The Legume, the Piston, and the Bearded Man

Greg Pollock, ‘Zombies and Ethics

Mike Watson, ‘I am the Subject

Ben Woodard, ‘Oken, District 9, and Lovecraft