God-without-Being: definition by An und für sich

For another definition to Laruelle’s dictionary, check out An und für sich’s definition here. Keep it up, and thanks for sending me the missing pages in advance!

By the way, these definitions are an excellent practice in translation techniques and just fun in general, so I encourage everyone who might enjoy it to try their hand at more. At the moment, I may take a break from the dictionary for a short while to focus on Laruelle’s essay “Reflections on the Meaning of Finitude in the Critique of Pure Reason.” It’s only about 14 pages in the French, so I think it should be finished by next week. There is also a Heidegger essay that I’d love to get my hands on….I think both these sorts of translations along with selections from En tant qu’un (non-philosophy explained to philosophers) would go a really long way in making Laruelle’s thought a little less strange (and hostile? perhaps…) to more traditionally oriented philosophers.

Anthony, if you have the latter, you should try your hand at that too…the presentations at the beginning are all around 5 pages…not much more than a definition. Its economy is restrained in a much different way too…